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Travel Tips

royal planeTraveling can be challenging for everyone; but when you have systemic issues, traveling can be a nightmare. There is still some debate on whether direct flights or connections are better. Dazlin likes connections because sitting for 5 hours is brutal. K likes direct flights so she only has to board/unboard once and hates the unpredictability of connections.

Below, each of us has listed our best travel tips that work for each of us.

1. Always be prepared for anything- Includes meds for migraines, nausea, etc. 
2. Always know your limits- if you can’t stand in the security line- tell them you need the fast line due to a disability, do not let pride get in your way.
3. Flights are almost always cold- bring a jacket or pillow- being cold is hard on the joints.
4. Know your diet- if the stress of the flight makes you nauseous carry crackers and bland food that is easy on your stomach.
5. Dress in clothes that are easy to move in and easy to get through security in. We already move slow- don’t wear tight shoes with belts and a lot of bracelets- you have to remove all of those to go through security. 

1. At least an hour layover. This means you have forty minutes to grab a snack, use the restroom, etc., and don’t have to run with suitcases. An hour layover means you have 30-40 minutes before boarding.
2. The window seat. This is nonnegotiable on long flights. I can’t sit for long in the same position, and I need the window seat so I can contort in whatever way I want.
3. Just check the baggage. Just do it. It’s a literal weight lifted from you, mentally and physically.
4. DO NOT put your liquids baggie in the same suitcase pocket as your meds baggie (which you should always have on you). I learned this the hard way… Twice. (but do keep in mind that if you have liquid/gel meds, you can carry another liquids bag for meds – just tell security).
5. No plans directly after landing… I always fly in at night, so I can just eat and go to sleep upon arrival. I’m not very functional, which means not very happy, after flying. Perk: when you fly at night, the city lights are pretty, especially from your window seat.

I love to go other places, I just hate having to travel there. I know I will likely enter a flare after (if not during travel).
1. Use a quality swivel rolling suitcase (my arms go numb pulling a suitcase behind me).
2. Pack food for dietary needs to suffice for the trip, even if going to a conference that should have food (I have celiac’s).
3. If I don’t have an elite status that puts me in a shorter line, then I ask for a wheelchair. Standing in long lines is torture.
4. Build in recovery time during and after the trip.
5. Become a packing ninja. A few neutral pants/skirts with lots of stand-out tops. wear jeans to travel (they take up space). I can get a whole week or more in an overnight bag.

These are the tips that work for us. Unsaid is lots of meds… prophylactically if need be. Hope this helps you!



Welcome to Life as a Royal

cropped-10321031_10204347392396062_1246151472122139807_o.jpgHello and welcome to Life as a Royal. We thought about naming this Royal Pains, but frankly – we get that a lot with our names.  This blog is about three women, a mom and two daughters, all in different places in their lives – different perspectives, different opinions, and many of the same health conditions.

As people with disabilities, we are functional and successful, but that does not mean that we don’t have our challenges. K is 47, a privacy attorney, and in the dissertation phase of her PhD. Charis is 22, recent summa cum laude graduate with dual degrees in anthropology and biology from Arizona State University. Dazlin is 24, a master’s in education student focusing on STEM at Arizona State University.

We are just kicking this off and plan to add a lot of content. We welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments. Please see our individual pages to learn more about each of us. Where possible, we will each provide our responses to issues and inquiries, which is the purpose of this blog…seeing how we approach the same issues from three perspectives.


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