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I did hair! I haven’t braided hair since I was a younger teen, because my fingers just wouldn’t manipulate well enough. I was obsessed with braiding when I was little, but then my hands got a point where they just wouldn’t do it, and it was so sad I didn’t try again until a week ago, and…. success!

Oh, btw, married now, have a three year-old stepdaughter.

Excercise bike

Some changes in my life: now have prescription glasses and a fiancé.

Also, giving up the gym membership, got an excercise (stationary) bike from someone off of Facebook marketplace, which is like Craigslist with a built-in communication system. Medium-low quality, 85 bucks. Digital tracking stuff, resistance knob. Orange. Whoo.

It is kicking my butt y’all. Initial goal was 3 miles a day, but I don’t really trust the mileage tracker. Next goal was 20 minutes a day…. which I quickly (embarrassingly quickly) discovered was unsustainable. New goal is ten minutes a day, which I can do in 2-3 sessions. To be fair, it’s been raining constantly and it’s shark week (aka period time), so my knees are all swollen up and awful right now. Eventually I want to up it to 15, then 20. Music helps tremendously. 

Realistic goals are key, otherwise you get all discouraged, and that doesn’t help anything. Break it into manageable chunks, and don’t be embarrassed- only me and my dog see me huffing and pudding and quitting before that red got chili peppers song is actually over (it was almost on the fade out, I swear). 

I’ve already used this bike in three days more than I went to the gym in four months. 


I got home early yesterday, talked to the boyfriend for a bit, and then went to bed…. at 4 pm. I slept until 5 am. 13 hours of sleep. My body was obviously catching up from when I was sick. 
Update: rash is leaving, was probably the antibiotics since it lessened when I stopped.

Random Rashes

I have a pretty far-reaching rash going on right, noticed it yesterday and it’s gotten bigger and more pronounced. It’s on my shoulders, chest, and all across my back. My boyfriend and I got to play 20+ questions trying to figure out where it came from:

  • anything new- soaps, detergents, mess 
  • More stress
  • Any funny smells lately, including in the car 
  • Has the dog been laying on clothes
  • Unwashed new clothes
  • Any spilled liquids at work

We’ve determined it’s either the antibiotics or possibly sharing a towel with the toddler, who has different shampoos and all. 

The exciting mysteries of my life.


I get strep once or twice a year, have for the past five years or so. Last time, it took two rounds of antibiotics to kill. This time, they started me off on a stronger dose. I was talking to coworkers at a meeting today, after being out yesterday, and they were shocked that I get it so often- apparently it’s only normal for kids/preteens to get it. I’ve had various people of all medical know-how levels recommend getting my tonsils removed. That’s not a fun thing to consider. I’ve never had any surgery, never been under anesthesia, and until last year had never even broken a bone (officially, anyway- there was a sketchy finger situation in 3rd grade). Might go see a real doctor next time I get strep, instead of a Walgreens clinic. Discuss some less-than-exciting options.

if you have autoimmune issues, you have to seriously consider more extreme preventative actions. Apparently.

Turmeric tea update

Gives me gas. My boyfriend declares this experiment over. 

Turmeric tea 

Essential oils was a bust for me, now I’m trying turmeric. I got some turmeric in the spice aisle of a regular grocery store. Mixed it with cinnamon and ground ginger, put it in chamomile tea with some creamer. 

Looks thick, tastes watery- could do a different tea, maybe English breakfast, and add more spices. Pretty acceptable nighttime drink. 

I’m drinking green tea and/or watered down cranberry-grape juice during the day, and now this at night. We’ll see how it goes.


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