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We launched this page because our family seems to be rather unique in that mom and both kids (2 daughters) all have autoimmune disorders. There are only two other people (that we know of) in our quite extended family who even have one each of our same issues (one has lupus and the other has fibro). You can read more about our individual stories under each of our names. royal pain

In general, though, we wanted to share our stories with the world because perhaps what we’ve gone through, what we are experiencing now, and how we manage our very busy, hectic lives will provide some insight or assistance to you – if only to know that others are going through the same or similar thing. What works – what doesn’t work? What have we tried and tried again?  And we approach this from a very practical, common sense manner that is just home-grown from three Mississippi gals with slew of nurses in the family. If there’s not a bone through the skin or arterial blood spurting….it can probably be managed.

And nothing on this site should be taken as medical or legal advice. It’s just our thoughts in written form, we’re not experts.

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