Day 2 Beachbody

61613086_10218621134150685_6217428789794701312_oSo Day 2 on the Beachbody 21 day fix real time…. I did okay. I switched and did upper rather than lower, because my legs were in so much pain from yesterday. I took two baths with epsom salts followed by muscle cream just to function – and basically screamed a lot today due to pain. But I did it! (Oh, and I know I am a raw, savage, sexy beast…. you get it real, here!)

I have to modify the modifications, but I still did the exercises. I used really light weights and I am okay with that.  I made up for it in reps, but made sure I was controlling the movements rather than swinging away with light weights.

I have tendinitis in my left thumb right now – it only takes about 4 months to heal…. so I am not sure I would trust myself to hang on to actual weights.  lol

Eating – did well today. Carbs were 36%, 40% fat, and only 24% protein. But it was within calorie levels and healthy food. I don’t know that I will shoot for #ketosis, so I am blending the #Beachbody and #keto to eat healthy, but keep carbs lower. I know I hit carbs because I like oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. Am I willing to sacrifice one? probably? But do I want to be in ketosis?  probably not. Maybe one day, but with my general health conditions…. anh – although (and maybe someone with knowledge can tell me) would going into ketosis be more beneficial on my “pre” diabetes?  It should bring my A1C down, but I need to research the pros and cons of ketosis on almost diabetics. Remember, I am in this to get healthy – aesthetics and looking good in a superhero unitard is secondary.

Still need to focus on getting steps back up to 12,000 a day. So far this week, just trying to keep moving at all. But this is what we live with, right? my Lupus warriors?

Day 2 in the books.

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