Beach[ed]body Day 1

I just started the Beachbody 21 day fix real time program. One of my former law students did the program and became a coach. I’ve been looking for something ever since my trainer moved to TN and I am not a candidate for most trainers (the whole passing out during workouts bothers some people, who knew?).


I just did day 1 – total body cardio fix. They have a lady, Cat -who is the modification partner.  She is the one who does the modified exercises for those who cannot do the full movements or level. I had to modify from her modifications.  I did not use weights. Which is good, because on the overhead arm raises, I could not even do those without weights for the full time. lol

Let’s not fool anyone – I am out of shape. But I don’t know that I have ever been “in shape.”  Up until my 30s, I was mainly under 100 pounds except when pregnant when I gained over 50. so I was a beanpole without trying. In fact, I only gained weight when sick, when the metabolism slowed down.  Too skinny. But it meant I never learned how to watch my weight or nutrition and I am not athletically inclined.

So here I am, 50 years old, trying to get into shape. With Lupus, Sjogrens, Fibromyalgia, POTS, osteoporosis (maybe -penia by now), no thyroid, multiple complications, so let’s just say I am no one’s dream client! and that includes myself.

But I’m gonna do this. I am aiming for a total of 40 pounds off. Understanding muscle weighs more, I am a tight size 8 (I threw away size 10s two years ago and refuse to buy more), so I want to be a size 4 on bottom. This top won’t go below an 8. But most importantly – the belly has to go. It is diabetic weight.  and unless I want to go on insulin… I need to get my butt and my organs into shape!



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