Day 2 – USA Ambassador – Favorite Headshot

Oh picking a headshot…. I have been so lucky to have amazing photographers and hair/make up artists (at times) for some of my favorite headshots. (you can tell, I generally like to wear bright pink/ fuschia!). The first two are my current ones – my USA Ambassador Pageant headshot and then one with my amazing crown.

Headshots are critical. And in the legal field, most headshots are in the boring black and navy outfits. So. Not. Me. Being able to be me is so vital to being successful, happy, and accepted. I took a chance with the last one, to see if I like black – and in this dress, heck yeah, I liked me in black. I felt sophisticated and gorgeous! Thank you in bunches to Vanessa Menendez for seeing me through a lens that I could not see myself and to the magic of Kelly Wisniewski for hair and make-up.


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