Hey all, I’m 20 weeks pregnant!

I’ve had so much to post, but the app wasn’t working on my phone… lame, I know, but real.

So, good news: my autoimmune issues has always been a couple markers off, so while my mom and sister have official, diagnosed Lupus, I have “unspecified autoimmune disorder” or “inflammatory arthritis”. This has had some perks, since I’ve avoided an official diagnoses for insurance reasons, but still get treatment with symptoms and all. Mostly though, I just called it Lupus to regular people and was vaguely annoyed at the whole naming-thing. HOWEVER, these slight chemical differences mean I am missing the antibodies that would be attacking my fetus’ heart! My white terrorist cells (ahahaaa) are not programmed to target my baby!

I mean, of course lupus (ish) complications can always do whatever and make life difficult during pregnancy, but at least there isn’t a specific agenda item about breaking my kid’s literal heart.


Pregnancy is going well, normal pregnancy stuff- nausea, constipation, tired, hungry, etc. NBD.

Oh, and it’s a boy. 😀

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