Unemployed and Unstoppable: A draft

So I drafted this last June and it makes for a fascinating review. Everything in the previous draft is in normal black with new comments italics and blue.

Let’s talk about two facts: 1) Stress can send someone with Lupus, Sjogrens, Fibro, _______________, into a flare. And these flares can last for weeks or months. 2) I lost my job last Friday and I am not stressed. started getting a little stressed around September.

In fact, I am trying not to search for a job, because I feel that something is coming. Something wondrous. I have a friend who laughs every time I say something would be the perfect job for me. After years of this, she finally understood they all would be. With my ADD, zest for life, passion – whatever you call it – I love doing lots of things.  But I am not looking right now. Okay, I’m looking, but not too hard and I’m not applying to a lot. Which is really hard for me and my personality. still not looking hard. loving consulting! my background stays with me… love a steady paycheck and if the right job came around, I’d take it. but I don’t want to move. well, unless it’s that once in a lifetime opportunity.

So I took the week-end off. My hubby is away at convention (yeah, I should’ve just jumped in the car and driving to join him in Vegas). So it was just me and the animals. I thought come Monday, that I would hit the turbo mode, but I didn’t.

Instead, I am refusing to let this get me down.

I have so much to get caught up on – my dissertation! big item that I want and NEED to check off my list. still need to do. Organizing my house. still need to do. I have carted stuff around from 5 states that have never been unpacked still need to do. (and I’m sure I’ve lost stuff I forgot I had).  And I am still recovering from my concussion back in March.  still need to do. Apparently, 3 months is the normal recovery time, so I am just past that…not even an anomaly yet. Officially an anomaly now. in another few weeks, what I’ve lost is likely permanent. or I’m just getting old.

My plan is to rest and catch up on stuff. And if a promising job comes along, I’ll apply. But I won’t stress about it. still on the ball on this one.


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