I get strep once or twice a year, have for the past five years or so. Last time, it took two rounds of antibiotics to kill. This time, they started me off on a stronger dose. I was talking to coworkers at a meeting today, after being out yesterday, and they were shocked that I get it so often- apparently it’s only normal for kids/preteens to get it. I’ve had various people of all medical know-how levels recommend getting my tonsils removed. That’s not a fun thing to consider. I’ve never had any surgery, never been under anesthesia, and until last year had never even broken a bone (officially, anyway- there was a sketchy finger situation in 3rd grade). Might go see a real doctor next time I get strep, instead of a Walgreens clinic. Discuss some less-than-exciting options.

if you have autoimmune issues, you have to seriously consider more extreme preventative actions. Apparently.


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