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My boyfriend moved in with me, and it’s been quite the eye-opener for him. Some responses to some of his questions:

“Yes babe, that’s all fluid under my knee. See it squish?”

“Yes sweetie, my knees are hot- like how the edges of a cut get red and hot because of the immune response.”

“NO I don’t need you to slow down! It’s a flat trail, I’m FINE!” Two minutes later: “hey babe…. Can we slow down a bit? Yeah, sitting down for a couple minutes sounds okay…”

“You ran a bath? And have a laptop with SVU ready? And wine? You’re amazing.”

“Yeah….. Three Advil would be smart. Wait, make it four….”

He’s so understanding, and is really determined to learn all of these things. It’s life altering, having someone there to make you take care of yourself. Especially when you’re a stubborn idiot like me. 


- How much do you know?

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