The freckles are under attack

So, I went and got a couple moles removed/biopsied a couple months ago because they were all 3D and were surrounded by a white circle, and hair growing in the circle was also white. I was concerned. The removal process was super easy, maybe four minutes for both of them, zero pain…. I can’t satisfactorily express how quick and easy this was. I was super impressed. A shot, a scalpel, and slice! Doneskies. 

Neither were cancerous. 

During the exam, which took like twenty times longer than the removal, the doctor/NP/whatever (it was a slice it off deal, I wasn’t concerned about degrees) mentioned “halo-ing”. Looking in the mirror just now, I noticed two freckles that are doing the same thing, on my shoulder. I’m sure there are more- it’s a subtle thing when you’re my color. So I did some research.

Halos aren’t uncommon, and are caused when your immune system randomly attacks your skin pigment, usually a freckle or mole. 

My life is the opposite of House- it’s ALWAYS Lupus. 

That’s not me, it’s just a google image. But it looks like that. Really are like little freckle halos, huh? But you never know which one could be not-lupus, so… Possibly welcome to skin biopsies for ever more!


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