Fasting Study

I found a fascinating article about how when you fast, your body initiates several processes intended to prolong vital systems, which includes taking energy from fat stores and killing off high-energy, unnecessary processes like maintaining your immune system. When you fast for two or more days your body kills off a lot of your nasty little white blood cells (terrorists!), and when you start eating again your body rebuilds your immune system…. By recreating white blood cells from stem cells. Flawless white blood cells, saintly antibodies that actually function like they’re supposed to.

The study was funded by some prominent government grants and cancer research institutes (helps with chemo, too), and has made it past mice and human trials stage one. 

Kind of cool. Fasting may stop or slow down your immune system attacking your tissues during a Flare up, and even have long term benefits as well. 

Click here for article
Kind of exciting.


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