Being healthy

If you’re already at a physical disadvantage, being unhealthy affects you more than the average person. There are a few easy things I do that help keep me on par:

  • Overnight oats, for those who aren’t good at mornings. You can YouTube it; my fave is a 1:2 ratio of oats to unsweetened almond milk, throw in some cinnamon and blueberries or golden raisins. Takes maybe two minutes max to prep three servings.
  • Keep a lot of liquids on hand. I buy six pack bottles of diet Snapple peach tea, and I have a few tumblers (the plastic cups with lids and reusable straws) I keep filled with jasmine green tea, ready to go. I keep these at work too- keep a little water boiler in my pod and bags of green tea, honey. You’re more likely to stay hydrated with yummy beverages on hand, and dehydration is the simplest and most common problem to myriad issues. When my students come to me with headaches or nausea, my first suggestion is always “go drink some water.
  • Get rid of weird smells. I know a lot of people who are very sensitive to chemicals. Try using natural cleaners for a month or so, see if that helps daily headaches or fatigue. Also change your laundry detergent or dryer sheet if you have skin irritation.
  • Decrease your light! I don’t know about y’all, but I’m pretty sensitive to certain types of light bulbs. Close those blinds, change your lightbulb.
  • I take gummy multivitamins. I tend to throw up the hard pill vitamins if I take them on an empty stomach, which was a lot, so I stared taking the gummies and I love them. Your body’s working pretty hard, and needs nutrients. Always take your vitamins.

These little things help me. Grab and go breakfasts, staying hydrated, and decreasing household irritations can improve your daily life.


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