Thursday is my favorite day!

Mrs. Scottsdale K RoyalSeriously, Thursday is the best day ever. It’s the day before the week-end (cause Friday IS the week-end); both my daughters were born on Thursdays; and it rhymes with “her way” – with some creative license.

Today, however, really stands out. My friend, Crystal, lands tonight to support me and my daughter returns from Hawaii. And…it is my last day really to prepare. Preparation has to be done among my other responsibilities, like my job. Contrary to popular belief, pageant girls are not like superstars – we don’t get paid to be glamorous.

Oh my good googli moo – did I just call myself a pageant girl?! and so it begins.

For those who wonder what a pageant competitor does to prepare, I’m here to blog it all for you!  Perhaps more meaningfully, how does someone who works full-time, consults on the side, volunteers more than 500 hours a year, teaches graduate courses, working on her dissertation, who is recovering from a concussion, and managing multiple major systemic conditions manage?

By losing her mind. If you find it, just lock it up, I don’t seem to need it right now.

Seriously though, my job is fascinating. I am a privacy attorney for an emerging technology company. Although my family and health come first, my job is a high priority with me. I actually enjoy the work I do and most especially, working for my general counsel, Rebecca.

All the other stuff is fit in around those. I maintain a comprehensive calendar. I text important reminders to myself and my husband of things I need to remember. I have a strong advisory board (mainly women who are important to me and who I value their advice and the fact that they don’t gloss over anything – they shoot straight from the hip) and good friends.  I make checklists and prepare for as much as I can ahead of time.

Oh pooie. I really cannot say that last one with a straight face. I try to do it, but I am more – SQUIRREL – oops sorry. Where was I?

I am master-level procrastinator. On the other hand, I do my best work under a crunch.

It bites me in the butt when we are in a rush to leave the house for something. For some reason, I then get in clean mode. I think it’s ADD. In the midst of triple checking in a rush that we have everything, I start then putting everything left in it right place. And Lord help us if I ever put anything in a safe place.

So today is work. conserve energy. get dress altered (which I just got last night… yeah yeah procrastination). spray tan. clean. butt glue. I forgot butt glue. Crud. Amazon prime just failed me. make sure I have plenty of gluten free healthy snacks. water water water.

Tomorrow is a lot more. I took the day off and booked the hotel for tomorrow night so I can be up and at ’em Saturday morning. Husband’s dinner is tomorrow. That should be cool.

And last but certainly not least – the pageant pictures for the program book went live. Check it out! 

I am truly honored to be Mrs. Scottsdale and humbled by those who cheer me on. I’ve lost 28 pounds in the past 7 months and am much more fit than ever! Let’s bring it!!



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