Sucky Doctors

You know what you call the worst student in med school after he graduates? The schlep, the lazy one, the one who almost failed every class?

You call them Doctor.
I’m not advocating for Doctor shopping, but if you dislike or distrust your doctor, go find another one! Don’t just sit around and follow orders because “oh, well she’s the professional”. No. It’s your body, and there are more doctors out there. Take care of your temple, because you’re the one that has to live in it.

Also, KNOW YOURSELF. Doctors see dozens of people a day, and are relying on a maybe-accurate folder on you. Know your own history- incidents and medicine reactions- and know exactly what and how much you’re currently on. I take a photo of my bottles and keep it in a special phone photo folder AND in my cloud thing.

PS: you have the right to your own paperwork. When you switch doctors, go in there and demand your folder (politely, you know). Just explain you want the new doctor to have all your info. Don’t let them fax it; they’ll try. They have to hand it over to you.


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