Flares, Fit, and Finery

IMG_20160524_181154What’s worse than a couch potato? Me! I was a bed twice-baked potato skin!

In this last week before the Mrs. Arizona America pageant, I am terrified, excited, nervous – all at the same time. It has been so rewarding to have people support me, both emotionally and financially. No one has mocked me. No one has insulted me. In fact, many women have said they envy me and have asked lots of questions about the process.

However, it’s not all fun and games. With the physical issues I have, it has been quite challenging. It would be challenging for someone starting at a good physical point, or even at a mediocre one. I was much less than that. Seriously, couch potato would have been a huge improvement.

And although I am not where I hoped to be, I am proud of what I have done. I am 25 pounds down from fall of 2015. My downfalls? the changing barometer sets my lupus, sjogrens, and fibro flaring like crazy. I passed out one day at physical training. But Dave Ashley (the pastor of pump) is amazing. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of me when we met. Heck, most docs who read my chart are shocked that I’m not 80 years old.

We push through it. I have a shiny carrot dangling in front of me. And given that all my weight is in my belly (I hear MIke Myers now – Get In My Belly). Anywho… I am not the front-runner for the swimsuit. Don;t get me wrong, I’m sexy as all get out, but these curves are not what our society thinks of as being fit.

My definition of fit is different. Obviously.

So although my step-goal was 12000 a day, the past 10 days or so….anhhhh, not meeting that goal so much. And I have cheated on my nutritional plan. Not bad food, just more than I need. Okay, a little bad food – whoever made salted caramel protein bars should be shot. In the shoe. No blood.

And in my corner, Wendy, the spray tan queen. She makes such a beautiful color on my “look like I tried to tan failed” body. Her skinny tans are to die for. They do work.

As does spanx. Which is why I hope to change my pageant gown to one with a high back. I mean, a girl needs her secrets, right?



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