My arm

I got pulled down while walking my Atticus, the foster Great Dane, April 17th. I fractured my elbow and level-three sprained my wrist. Had a sling, still have a fancy wrist brace. Learned some things:

  • Bone pain sucks and is never fully knocked out by meds.
  • Vicodin makes my head feel funny, so I only took that a couple times to sleep and mostly stuck with Tylenol 3 and Duexis (mega Advil).
  • Skirts are the key to restroom independence
  • Pain is exhausting, just on its own, and you can’t out-stubborn it (you’d think I knew this by now).

I went back to work too early, because I’m an idiot and, in my defense, a drugged idiot when I made that decision.

I’m mostly back on track now- I graduated with my Master in Education. The stole was dreadfully uncomfortable, but felt kinda cool. I need to start elbow PT…. I’ll call ’em tomorrow. Probably. Adopted a couple dogs, now I have three. My 25th birthday is tomorrow. Turns out I have a gluten allergy like my mom, and that being gluten-free isn’t so bad. Still want to do spin class, waiting on the wrist to heal up a bit more.

Pretty eventful couple months, all done with a wrist brace and/or sling, and utterly exhausted and slightly irritable because my arm hurt.

Also, I’m not sure if this is the lesson I was supposed to learn, but I seem to be healing faster than expected and I’m pretty sure it’s because I kept using my arm too much…. Which hurt, but kept my elbow from freezing up sooooooo….. Don’t blindly trust the man, man. Especially when he’s a pervy old guy who may or may not be getting reported to the board for being an entirely inappropriate creep; that’s a separate story for another day.


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