Gluten Free Life

My mom has Celiacs, which pretty much means she’s allergic to gluten; there are two (known) genes associated with it, and she has both. Being spawned from her genetic pool, she wanted me tested. I characteristically resisted, but- after years- she wore me down and I agreed to test it. I went gluten free for two months, then tried it again and had a pretty immediate and negative reaction to it…. Damn. Guess this is my life now.

It’s actually not so bad. I didn’t like beer anyway, and I’m not a huge cake person. I’m fine ordering meat and veggies when I go out. This has cut out fast food for me, but that’s probably for the best anyhow. It’s still embarrassing to tell servers about it, and I’m working on that. My current gluten free goals: check out gluten free bisquick (Walmart), and figure out which salad dressings have gluten because apparently that’s a thing.

I’m so much less tired and headachy off gluten, and I’m a lot more digestively regular. When I eat gluten now- after the two months it’s taken to get it out of my system- I get an immediate and horrible headache, my mouth and throat feel funny, I feel hot, and my brain is fuzzy.

Did some minor research- there’s this great documentary on Netflix called Cooked that explains the seemingly abrupt rise in gluten allergies (something about the flour processing), gonna watch that… Sometime in the near future. Probably.


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