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Give a girl the right shoes…

20160417_163708And she can conquer the world!

Life has been full of surprises and new experiences ever since I decided to compete in Mrs. Arizona America.

What has changed with me? I am back in single digit – sized clothes for the first time in over a decade. I needed to do this for health reasons for many years and I lost a size in 2014, another size down in 2015, so being one more size down is amazing! I’ve only got one more size to go (still more than the doctor would like to see me at, but I think it’s reasonable).

I have been seeing a personal trainer and he is fabulous! me? not so much. I think if he took it any easier on me, I’d be walking a treadmill. But the Pastor of Pump has a challenge with me. In addition to all the systemic health conditions I have (lupus, sjogrens, fibro, celiac, etc.), I have been going through testing with Mayo and I also have POTS and a balance issue – I have to enter vestibular rehabilitation. Good news? – I no longer have osteoporosis!  All my walking has fixed that problem!

People are starting to notice the new slender (er) me. It’s fantastic. They ask how am I doing it…walking (my goal is only 8000 a day, but I am hitting that and about to increase it). Done. I have increased my goal to 9000 a day. And nutrition. I am already gluten-free, but I also watch calories, increase protein, reduce carbs, avoid sugar and sugar substitutes, minimize dairy and simple starches, and try to abide by a non-processed food plan. I cheat and load one day followed by a day of basically nothing. I keep going back and forth on powerade zero – some say don’t (and it has sucralose) and some say I need the electrolytes. And smart water has so few electrolytes that it is NOT a viable option – seriously have you looked at the label? I think plain bottled water has more electrolytes in it. So I am starting vitamins and a protein shake meal replacement.  And I try not to eat out. Like at all. It doesn’t work, so I try to limit it to my cheat day.

New experiences include an outdoor photo shoot (just for me) with the amazing Elaine Kessler, being invited to participate in a local runway show, getting my sister titleholders to fall in love with one of my favorite causes Girls Rule Foundation and volunteer at a fundraiser for them For the Love of Brynne, where Girls Rule was the recipient of $40,000.

I have cleaned out my closet. Okay, I am in process of cleaning out the closet. It takes a while. I have bought my pageant dress, but I have to shrink down to fit it. I’ll make it! I think I also have my interview dress, but something keeps telling me I may want another color…we’ll see. I also bought the shoes I think I’ll wear. Not quite exactly what I wanted, but they are by the same designer and are pretty durn close.

And professionally, things are looking great. A project that I have worked on for nearly two years is about to culminate in a global launch with the United Nations.How cool is that?! The people on this project are simply amazing and I could not be more honored to work with them.  Last, I am finally teaching classes at a law school – and it just happens to be my alma mater, ASU College of Law.

So 6 weeks out. Tough goal to lose 11 pounds in 6 weeks, but here we go! Nothing easy seems worth it. People ask how I do this with my issues – I would not know any other way. Life is what life is for everyone. Adding some stretch goals is the same for me as it is for anyone. You set a goal and develop a plan (or wing it) and go for it. Sure, there may be setbacks and disappointments, but there are also shortcuts and lots of people rooting.

I have no intention of going gently into that good night – I plan to ride this life to the fullest and skid in sideways, whooping all the way!



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