I love being outdoors when the weather is nice, and to the untrained eye following my Facebook, I look like a fairly active person. Every weekend I try to go out and do something, and generally I make that goal. I’m not stupid about my adventures, though; here are some examples of what I do for fun:

  • Look out mountain: a 2.5 mile walking trail around the little rock hill Arizonans call a mountain. Totally flat trail with a well kept walking path.
  • Superstitions: plenty of flat trails, well maintained. Also not a huge challenge.
  • Lake Pleasant: it’s like a quarter mile walk to the lake. It’s nothing.
  • Monteczuma’s Castle, and the petroglyphs nearby: not even hiking by the most generous terms. Boyfriend wore flip flops to see the castle.
  • Tubing: seriously, you lay in an innertube and drink, on a river.
  • Rennaissance Festival: an all day thing, probably the most taxing activity on this list. I watch the shows so there’s a lot of sitting down, and I try to stay in the shade as much as possible. I needed a day of rest after this.

Now, these are all outside and I love the weather and nature, and these little trips give me an opportunity to relax and recharge. They usually only take up half the day (unless there’s driving). You can be active and enjoy nature and go on little day trips without ruining yourself, if you’re smart about it. Don’t be envious of those annoyingly active face book posters- go out and be one yourself! Just be smart about it, don’t let your pride ruin your health- you can have fun and go on adventures without hurting yourself.



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