I get by with a little help from my friends

Since the announcement that I planned to compete in mrs sMrs. Arizona America, everyone and I mean everyone, I have spoken to has been incredibly supportive. I have been blessed with amazing friends, colleagues, and professional associates. It is my distinct pleasure to announce that I am the newest Mrs. Scottsdale 2016. Last week, Diane Ritter, the director for the Mrs. Arizona and Mrs. Utah America pageants, held the first workshop for the Mrs. AZ America competitors.

At this first meeting, attendees included the current Mrs. Arizona America, prior Mrs. Arizona Americas, new local titleholders, and pageant sponsors, including Kelly Wisnieswki (make-up artist extraordinaire) and Wendy Carlson (the spray tan queen). Continuing my stroke of luck, my pageant mentor is Mrs. Tracy Elliott, Mrs. Arizona America 2007. She is such an inspiration, so kind, practical, and knowledgeable.

Following this meeting, I booked Kelly for make-up which pleased my husband to no end as it now means I will stop buying lots of new make-up stuff and watching thousands (okay hundreds) of YouTube videos trying to learn how to contour and highlight and all that jazz. I learned that I do not like the look of long, wavy, glorious pageant hair on me, so no extensions. I simply will rely on Alex Baudoin at Jo Paris Salon to keep me looking hair fantastic. And Kelly will style it on the big days, so I should be great-t0-go. Also, connected on social media with several of these phenomenal women, such as Kim Summerall Jones, a co-competitor.

Things I am learning – (skip this paragraph if TMI) – waxing….eiyiyi – never done it, about to learn. Wendy put me in touch with Laura so um. yeah. Also, tanning and skinny tanning. Wendy truly is the spray tan queen and an international print model. I do have a solid base tan on my own, with my natural olive skin tone, I rarely burn and my body needs the Vitamin D, and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Personal training: I had been researching this place near me Fitness by Design. As I was teetering (I have lost 8 of 24 pounds on my own, only 16 to go), I had a groupon pop up for $300 of services for $66. David Ashley (Pastor Pump) is seeking a master’s degree in Divinity – which was a sign, and then when I called to speak to them, his wife Holly is a former Miss Arizona. It’s fate. So I had my first evaluation, fat measurement (actually in range now for my height, but want it to go much lower), and he kicked my little tail with some of those exercises. Then, I sold my first ad to Mark Monson of VIP Mortgage! woot woot. Last, I had a wonderful session with my friends Laura Lawless Robertson and Alane Breland who helped me learn to walk right, stand right, and practice interviews…so reminiscent of both of modeling back in high school and the many competitions in law school.

I have challenges, I know. Not least of which, I was in the hospital just a week ago. But here’s the thing, I am more than my disabilities and I am more than what I do, be it job or volunteer. I am a person of value all on my own and I want to feel that deep in my cells.

I am Brilliant, Beautiful, and Bold. Girls rule!

So it is all falling into place. Getting into the healthiest shape of my life, finding support in every direction, and feeling the love. That’s what this is about, right? It would be amazing to win, but it’s going to be amazing simply to make the journey. I am pumped!


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