Mrs. Journey: Everything starts with the first step

The first step to the Mrs. Arizona America pageant was deciding to do it – speaking to friends and family.  Do they support me? Why would they support me to do this? Why do I want to do it?  There are lots of reasons, but one is to make a new memory to replace my nightmares. Another is to demonstrate that people with disabilities can do this. Also, if I can do what I do to inspire people to step up, stand out, volunteer – imagine what I can do with a public forum….

The next step was to submit the application for it. I guess, technically, the next step was to review the application packet and work up the courage and excitement (the latter of which came easily, the former not so much). I called the director, Ms. Diane Ritter (oh my goodness she seems so fabulous), to ask lots of questions and she was so patient with everything I asked.

                                                                                And ya’ll know me, there were lots of questions.

So application filled out, including current sizes and measurements – if that doesn’t humble someone that is 47 years old, nothing will. Not to mention, I am on a fitness plan with exercise and food (back to non-processed) – this ol’ body is gettin’ in shape, people – and not just a round one. Did I mention there is a swimsuit portion?!

And now, I have to own this. There is no being self-conscious about doing a pageant at my age. I will be proud and be loud. Regardless of whether I become the next Mrs. AZ, I will be Mrs. Something for the next year and need to represent! I will have an experience like no other and hopefully meet friends and be part of a camaraderie that simply cannot be beat.

So I start here (paid the deposit, submitted the paperwork, sent a headshot) and next I will need to seek sponsors/supporters to help me achieve my goal. Then comes hair, make-up, brows, nails, dress, body in shape, nails, shoes (yea, more shoes!) and not in that order.

Today: 151 pounds. Accountability and Transparency (was 154.5 at the start of last week).

As long as I am accepted, then we have 3.5 months ( 14 weeks) to transform a body to match the inner me. And the inner me wants to claim to be beautiful, kind, generous, amazing. But, the inner me doesn’t feel that way – let’s see if we can change that!


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