Working out

Staying fit is a bit complicated when you have bad joints or systemic issues- low impact becomes a priority. I went hiking two weeks ago and I’m still feeling it- I bent down yesterday to pick something up and I couldn’t stand back up on my own (embarrassing). Swimming is my favorite exercise, but gyms with pools are more expensive and there isn’t one close to me. I’m going to try cycling/spin classes, see how that works out for me and my high-maintenance body.

Everyone should try to be healthy and take care of their bodies, but to people with disabilities it’s even more important- you’re starting at a disadvantage already. Physical therapy is good, but it’s expensive- you can lookup up exercises online and use good sense to decide on an exercise regimen that works for you. Don’t be too ambitious (don’t be in denial about your limitations), but make it a priority. If you go into denial about being different and try to ignore your body, life will not be easy.

Cycling won’t be as good as swimming, but at least it will strengthen my knees and legs. Maybe then hiking twice a year won’t almost kill me.


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