3D printing is exciting and sexy. There’s a lot of exciting, sexy research going on in medicine. There are all these fund raisers and news articles and international deals…. But not for lupus. HIV/AIDS and cancer get most of the money and effort, and that makes total sense- I just wish more money and research was going into lupus. All you can for lupus are NSAIDs which slowly destroy your liver and kidneys, and  painkillers. Whooooooo.

I’m not an activist by nature- I’d rather just quietly live with my issues and tell myself “everyone has problems”. Im not much of a rabble-rouser, but someone should be. Lupus treatments haven’t changed in decades, and lupus is literally a joke (“it’s never lupus”, House MD). People scoff- have seriously scoffed- when I tell them why stairs are generally a no-no for me. Jerks.

Anyhow. I know lupus isn’t sexy and isn’t statistically a giant issue, but…. I wish this were a perfect world and all diseases had funding and teams of dedicated researchers working for a cure, or at least working for better treatments.


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