It’s coming 

I can feel health comas coming. There’s nothing you can do to avoid them- small naps, being lazy, nothing. About a week in advance, my knees start hurting, my muscles are tired, my hearing gets bad, and my memory gets worthless. It gets worse and worse each day, until I fall asleep for 16 hours- involuntary health coma. Usually I can clear my schedule and sleep all day; sometimes I can’t, and I drop the ball on some thing. It’s an inevitable and inescapable part of life with this type of disability.

I’ve felt it coming since Tuesday, only identified that it was more than simply tired yesterday (Wednesday), and I expect it’ll hit Saturday. When I have a work training. Hopefully I can hold off and crash Sunday…

If this happens to you, don’t fight it- your body needs this. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve taken and give out is: have one day a week that’s an established day of rest, don’t schedule anything during the day on your rest day.


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