Side note: useless

I realize that the language I use for being physically useless is very similar to what “normal” people say for when they’re tired or down or feel bad. Which means that I often sound whiny. The difference between me hiking and being down the next day and a friend of mine hiking and being down the next day is pretty serious: they may just need a hot bath and sleep, but can still walk around the house, check their mail, make food, play video games, etc., whereas if I do the same activity, I will be utterly useless the next day. It mean sleeping and hurting all day (which makes for restless sleep that somehow leaves you even MORE tired), can’t leave the house, can only longingly dream of standing upright long enough for a shower, knees are so swollen that even the thought of walking makes you cry…. And cooking isn’t even a treasured dream because it is so not happening.

A disabled person’s “useless” and “down” is orders of magnitude, is exponentially, more severe than the average person’s “useless” or “down”. It’s not whining, you can’t understand, and I usually don’t want to explain so I’ll just nod and laugh about you cracking jokes about my stamina.


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