imageI took a buddy and my dog and set out for Lost Dutchman State Park. It’s a fine park, you can just hike around the mountain on nice, level ground; or, optionally, you can get to the midpoint of your planned 2.4 miles hike, gasping for precious life, and decide that taking that detour to get up closer to the mountain would be a grand idea.

We took option B.

We are less than smart, but we made it.

There was a bit of an incline, and I know from experience that inclines of any sort make my legs hurt and end up with me throwing up on the side of the trail. Today was no different. I’m a total pro and it’s no big deal- I just step aside, heave it out, and keep going. I even came up with a flawless cover that makes concerned do-gooders laugh and (most importantly) leave me alone: “I’m fine, just had a rough Friday night… Hoo-yah, ¬†amirite?” Works every time.


So my legs are useless noodles and thank goodness it’s a three day weekend, because I will not be productive AT ALL tomorrow. Totes worth it, though- I got 9300 steps in today and it’s only 3:30, and I’m beating my dad for the week (whole family has fit bits and he WAS the undefeated champion).

anyhow. 3.3 mile hike. It sucked but was pretty and interesting, gonna pay for it but it was worth it.

Advice: have a funny cover story ready to get concerned good Samaritans to leave you alone, because you’re a pro and don’t need that conversation constantly. Save your breath for sucking in sweet, sweet oxygen.


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