Rainy Weekend

So, I had plans this weekend. I had a date, and a friend’s birthday party, and hanging out with another friend, and a whole list of Christmas things to get done. Unfortunately for me, it rained all weekend. As soon as I woke up, I could feel it in my bones (specifically, the connective tissue in my ball-and-socket joints). I had to cancel everything. I felt utterly useless, because I was, really.

That happens. That’s life. There is no romantic dancing in the rain, because barometric pressure changes are the enemy. Well, more like Russia is to the Syrian government is to the refugees- the provider and motivator behind mayhem. But I digress.

It happens. Don’t hate yourself. Re-schedule with your friends, or that hot guy who has the cutest dachshund puppy. It’ll be alright, most of the time. If these little take-downs happen and it’s not okay- like during finals, or you take too many days off work- well… Bummer. You can figure it out. Life goes on. I’ve had that happen more than once, and it wasn’t the end of the world, just massively inconvenient.

Sleep through it. Remember to hydrate. The world will still be here when you’re better.


PS- I told everyone I was sick, must be the flu that’s going around.. Sometimes these little white lies are just so much easier, because most people don’t really understand.


One thought on “Rainy Weekend

  1. K Royal @HeartofPrivacy December 20, 2015 at 7:18 pm Reply

    I, too, have serious issues when it rains. And it gets exhausting feeling good – then yanked to not being able to move – then back to “normal.” This may happen quickly or over a period of days or weeks. It sucks baling on people and plans, but this is our life and while it sucks, it is manageable.


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