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Welcome to Life as a Royal

cropped-10321031_10204347392396062_1246151472122139807_o.jpgHello and welcome to Life as a Royal. We thought about naming this Royal Pains, but frankly Рwe get that a lot with our names.  This blog is about three women, a mom and two daughters, all in different places in their lives Рdifferent perspectives, different opinions, and many of the same health conditions.

As people with disabilities, we are functional and successful, but that does not mean that we don’t have our challenges. K is 47, a privacy attorney, and in the dissertation phase of her PhD. Charis is 22, recent summa cum laude graduate with dual degrees in anthropology and biology from Arizona State University. Dazlin is 24, a master’s in education student focusing on STEM at Arizona State University.

We are just kicking this off and plan to add a lot of content. We welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments. Please see our individual pages to learn more about each of us. Where possible, we will each provide our responses to issues and inquiries, which is the purpose of this blog…seeing how we¬†approach the same issues from three perspectives.


- How much do you know?

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